David Willson Hughes

David Willson Hughes , Merchant and Citizen

David Hughes was born at Sharon, Ont. in 1849.  He was a member of the Children of Peace and played the cornet in the Sharon band.   After attending school in Sharon, he went Poughkeepsie, Mass. where he took up bookkeeping & also telegraphy.  Upon returning to Sharon, he carried on a general store business from 1870 to 1878.  In 1882 he moved to Bolton, where he operated a general store on the north-east corner of King and Queen Streets, for 9 years.  He was keenly interested in sports, music, fishing and hunting.  After moving to Toronto he conducted a wool business, but retained an interest in Bolton, often visiting his daughter  Eva and her husband  Arthur McFall.  His stay in Bolton was documented by the Archivist of the York Pioneer and Historical Society, Jean McFall, in 1979.  The article from The York Pioneer, Volume 74, Number 2 is reproduced here in digital form with the permission of the York Pioneer and Historical Society.