Bolton Walking Tours

The following four walking tours are part of the Heritage Caledon Walking T0ur Series.


Village of Bolton:  Commercial Core

This tour of the commercial section of the village starts on the west side of Queen Street North just south of the Humber River and ends across the street from the starting point.  Please click or tap here


Village of Bolton:  East of Queen Street

This tour includes the earliest settled part of Bolton which took shape close to George Bolton’s grist mill.  The earliest buildings date from the early 1840s when George was the miller.  Please click or tap here


Village of Bolton:  West of Queen Street

Buildings in this tour were all built after 1872 and include predominantly brick structures, fitting for a village with their own brickyard.  Please click or tap here


Humber River Loop

This tour commemorates the origins of Bolton as a mill village.  The tour circles the Humber River and highlights sites that were part of the village’s industrial origins.